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Oil & Gas Services

Well-flow Management
We provide comprehensive well flow management systems to proficiently gather
valuable well and reservoir data, with the utmost regard for well-site safety and
environmental impact.
ChemTech is offering our customers the complete range of mobile systems and
specialist services, delivering quality data and operational efficiency across land and
deep water well sites.
ChemTech provides integrated solutions across the exploration and appraisal phase
of any well. The data that we provide throughout every well test allows our customers
to plan the optimal exploitation of their reservoirs.
We support full life-of-field through production to abandonment with innovative and
agile solutions.
Surface well testing
Fluids sampling and analysis
Extended well testing (EWT)
Data services
Pipeline & Flarestack
Production Solutions
Acumen Metering Solutions
Surface well testing
Fluids sampling and analysis

ChemTech provides well site and fixed laboratory sampling, analysis, and flow
measurement services to fully characterize your reservoir and produced fluids.
A comprehensive understanding of reservoir fluids and their associated properties is
the cornerstone to the successful operation of any producing asset.
Accurate measurement of reservoir fluid composition and physical properties are
essential for the estimation of reserves and are key components of a robust reservoir
model to achieve the best recovery factor.
Understanding the undesirable inorganic elements and compounds present in the
reservoir fluid at trace levels is a critical requirement for safe, efficient completion
and process plant design.
ChemTech provides a full set of services, at the well site and in the laboratory. With
specialist sampling technicians and tools, through to accredited laboratory facilitiey

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